Fishing Line Recycling in Hawai'i

Pacific Whale Foundation launched the first fishing line recycling program in the state of Hawai'i in late 2013.  Currently there is one fishing line recycling bin, located In Kahului Harobr, Maui.  

Fishing line is placed in bins by anglers who have had to cut their line or respool, as well as by the general public who may find discarded line on the ground.  Bins are emptied, on average, once every two weeks.  The line is collected from the bin, cleaned of all algae, hooks and sinkers, and then shipped to Pure Fishing Inc. in Iowa.  Pure Fishing Inc. melts down the line into plastic pellets, which are then used to make tackle boxes, fishing spools and other plastic materials. Together, these recycling bins have prevented thousands of feet of line from entering Maui waterways and coastlines. 

Pacific Whale Foundation is looking to partner with other organizations in Hawai'i who are interested in building and installing their own bins.  After bins are installed, groups would be involved in the simple monitoring and periodic cleaning of the bin.  This is a great project for fishing clubs and fishing stores, dive shops, scouts, school clubs or service oriented organizations.

Please use this site to learn more about building and installing a fishing line recycling bin, as well as how to launch a fishing line recycling program in your community.