First Day of Whale Season - Puerto López, Ecuador

(Written on July 20, 2010)

We started the whale season, yet the days are very sad and dark, for two weeks we have had rain and cold. But the whales jump as if nothing happened. He does not mind the cold weather that South America is suffering.

This year Galo Echeverria help us, he is a new naturalist guide, and help us with the photographs. We also have some guides that are currently trained to assist us and start the environmental education program next week. Schools are on holiday by the end of the first school term.

We went to the local tourist boats. There are very few tourists, but whales are nearby. Our starting point (headquarters) is Puerto López, a small fishing town on the coast as part of the National Park Machalilla. In Puerto Lopez live around 10,000 people, there are 25 legal tour operators for whale watching, of which 11 patents have to go to the Island of La Plata and the remaining 14, only make whale watching.

We try to travel every day, we always find whales, yesterday, a tourist asked me, I really wondered if we would see whales, always gives me grace, because for 13 years I have come to see whales from the same point and I have never failed.

Since there are not many tourists whale operators try to find other alternatives. Today i see in the center of town a small tent and it is open to tourists in this place and help to all, rotating every day two or three boats. It is very interesting, now people try to look for alternatives and everybody has work.

Although the days are sad, we are leveraging the time when we can not get to write the guide of whales and dolphins, which has asked the Ministry of Tourism, to train tourist guides in the country. We are very proud that our country is interested in empowering people and above all to create a responsible tourism of whales.

Yesterday was not very interesting, because there was much rain, I hope tomorrow to have more, but always the only free whale watching at sea, is always a blessing.