A far cry from Missouri

Working for Pacific Whale Foundation the past 5 years has allowed me to have so many new experiences. For the first 3 years of coming to Australia, I worked in Hervey Bay, Queensland. When I had the opportunity to come to Port Douglas this year I was very excited. I knew from hearing Annie’s stories, it would be a challenge, but it would also be a chance for a whole new adventure.
Since arriving in Australia 5 days ago, all I had seen of the Port Douglas area was the apartment and the harbor. Imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to blustery conditions and Greg telling us it was too rough to go out. We’ve defiantly had some amazing experiences on the water the last few days, but with only 6 days on the water, Annie and I were defiantly caught up on data. It was time to let the land adventures begin!
Annie and I pack up the cameras and headed out to the Daintree/Cape Tribulation area. After crossing the Daintree River we stopped at the Daintree Discovery Center to learn about the amazing rainforest and its inhabitants. This rainforest is the oldest in the entire world, older than even the Amazon, and is home to many amazing animals, such as the Cassowary. In case you didn’t know, Cassowaries are closely related to the emu and ostrich.
We also decided to take in a crocodile tour. It was getting to be late in the day, so our hopes were not high in seeing anything. Much to our amazement, just after leaving the jetty we spotted one. My first saltwater croc experience in the wild! Sure, I had seen them in zoos, but there is nothing like seeing one out in the wild. It was there, on the bank of the river sunning itself, with cows grazing just 15 feet away. Cows….I’m used to seeing those, but not with a crocodile there too.
What a day! This is sure a far cry from growing up on a farm in Missouri.

Amanda Hutsel


Kelly V. (visitor) says:

Enjoyed your blog, Amanda! I love that you're seeing the world like you are and doing such amazing work at the same time! Your day with Annie sounds amazing and makes me smile thinking of you two together exploring OZ! Aloha!