False Killer Whales

The false killer whales that we see around Maui are part of an endangered insular population that inhabits the Main Hawaiian Islands. This population of false killer whales has fewer than 150 individuals and is genetically distinct from other populations of false killer whales.

The primary threats to this population include marine debris, entanglement in longline fishing gear, and pollutants in the marine environment. The research department studies the distribution of false killer whales in order to better understand any overlap with areas of high concentration of marine debris as well as overlap with commercial longline fishing areas. Policy makers can use this information to make well-informed decisions regarding the recovery of this population. 

Actions you can take:

  • Log all false killer whales sightings using Whale & Dolphin Tracker
  • Make a symbolic adoption of a false killer whale to fund further research
  • Avoid fish caught on longlines and only select sustainably harvested species
  • Send our researchers your photos of false killer whales to build our ID catalogs