Everyday life changes


Even if you live inland, far from the shore, the choices that you make each day have a direct impact on the health of our planet's oceans. Please consider these ways to help protect the oceans through your daily choices.

Choose reef-safe sunscreen:
A recent article by National Geographic reported on the adverse impacts that sunscreen is having on coral reefs. (Click here to view.) Pacific Whale Foundation staff researched and located a reef-safe sunscreen, which is available for sale at our Ocean Stores and on our vessels. You can purchase it online by following this link. Want to learn more about the testing that is behind the claim "reef safe"?

Use less plastic:
Plastic finds its way into the ocean, where it breaks down over time into tiny bits that find their way into the aquatic food chain. Reduce your use of plastic bags and containers by choosing reusable alternatives.

Choose sustainable seafood:
Seafood is one of the last "wild caught" foods routinely consumed by humans. However, many types of marine life are harmed by overfishing or other irresponsible fishing practices. Become educated so that you can choose sustainable choices. In Hawaii, Pacific Whale Foundation works in partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program to distribute Hawaii Seafood Watch cards and Sushi Seafood Watch Cards. To learn more, click here or visit Pacific Whale Foundation's Ocean Stores at 612 Front Street, Lahaina or The Harbor Shops at Ma'alaea to pick up your free Seafood Watch card.

Help prevent marine debris:
Dispose of all trash properly. Participate in beach clean-ups.

Avoid using chemicals in your home or garden:
Chemicals pollute local lakes, streams and waterways; this pollution accumulates in the ocean. Choose organically grown products whenever available.