The Elements of Nature

For the past few days, the research team has been holed up in the safety of the apartment avoiding the high seas at just about any cost. Extreme wind and sea conditions had driven even the most experienced cargo-ship driving mariners into the safety of the bay to avoid ugly situations out on the big blue, and a fair wind/weather warning had put a damper on even local travel.Amanda and myself, warm and dry, had been happily plugging away and catching up on weeks of data input, however found our data party coming to a close after only two days off the water. The winds had finally decided to abate and leave the small towns along the coastline of New South Wales alone, so with equipment packed the team decided to hit the high seas bright and early this morning to catch up on lost time. Starting with slightly imperfect conditions and working our way towards near perfection, we hopped from pod to pod collecting upwards to 15 fluke IDs in one day.

The whales were plentiful, the feeding was abundant, and (we have to say) the pictures were pretty darn good. With only a little over a week left in the 2010 season, there are few opportunities left for us to share amazing imagery and footage like this with you. So while there’s always a lot to say about our research and our day to day, we’ll let the pictures do the talking for today. Aloha, Annie

Annie Macie


Mel (visitor) says:

Oh wow you guys really got some good pictures and videos. When I was on my trip I was dieing to have a video camera with me. I had my horrible point and shoot that did some really bad pictures. Next time I go I am for sure going to take some nice camera equipment with me. Mel Madison

Anonymous (visitor) says:

Annie you are such an amazing talent! I hope everyone at Pacific Whale realizes what an incredibly gifted person they are lucky to work with. Looking at your work this season, there is no other conclusion but to know you are headed for big things! Thank you for your dedication to these great animals throughout your long journey!

Beth Salles (visitor) says:

Amazing guys. Put the second one on full screen on your computer and feel the power!!!! Takes your breath away. Love to watch them feed. I miss this in Maui.