Ecuador Research

Off the Ecuadorian mainland, humpback whales are found in the marine area of Machalilla National Park from June to October. Over recent years a small whale watching industry has developed in the fishing village of Puerto Lopez.

Pacific Whale Foundation's Ecuador research projects examine the distribution and abundance of humpback whales found off the coast of Puerto Lopez, Manabi, Ecuador, and the interactions of small cetaceans with artisinal fisheries operating in Machalilla National Park. To learn more, please click on the research project titles below.

Population, Distribution and Abundance of Humpback Whales and other Cetaceans in Machalilla National Park

To identify and monitor the population of humpback whales in Machalilla National Park using photo-identification. 

To promote the development of knowledge, attitudes and abilities related to conservation of the environment and improving the quality of life of the local communities along the Ecuadorian coast.

Migratory Interchange of Humpback Whales between
Ecuador and feeding and breeding areas in South America

To standardize research methodologies between Peru and Ecuador, and develop collaborative research efforts.

Establishing a photo-identification catalog for this area will allow research to compare sightings of humpback whales between Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama.   

Interview with Cristina Castro, Director of PWF's Ecuador Research

If the movie above has trouble loading, follow this link to view the video from Ama La Vida TV in Ecuador showing an interview with Cristina Castro, Director of Pacific Whale Foundation's Ecuador Research Project.