e-Trade Donation


You can support Pacific Whale Foundation by donating stock from your E*TRADE brokerage or stock plan account. E*TRADE will transfer the stock from your account directly to the brokerage account of Pacific Whale Foundation, send a stock certificate to Pacific Whale Foundation, or transfer the funds to an E*TRADE Securities account held by Pacific Whale Foundation.

Note: Pacific Whale Foundation is listed in IRS Publication 78, the list of charities whose donations are tax-deductible. To view Publication 78 and learn more about this list, click here. 

End of Year Donations:
To guarantee year-end processing, please submit your request no later than December 15. Requests received after December 15 will be processed on a best-effort basis but completion of these requests cannot be guaranteed by the end of the tax year. 

Is Your Donation Tax Deductible?
Long-term appreciated securities are those held for at least one year and one day. You can donate long-term appreciated securities to Pacific Whale Foundation and be eligible for an income tax deduction on the asset's full fair market value on your U.S. Federal Income Tax.  Plus you'll avoid any capital gains tax that you might otherwise incur from the sale of the asset.

There are limits on this deduction. For complete information, please see your tax adviser. Helpful information about donating stocks and bonds can be found here.

Donations From Your IRA
Until the end of 2011, if you are age 70 ½ or older, you may be eligible to donate up to $100,000 from your IRA to Pacific Whale Foundation tax free through Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs). For more details, please download the E*Trade IRA Distribution Request Form.

QCDs allow individuals age 70 ½ and older to withdraw up to $100,000 from a Traditional or Roth IRA and donate it directly to a qualified charity. The benefit is that the amount donated is federal income tax free and can be used to satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution for the year. 

To be eligible for the tax free consideration afforded with QCDs:

  • You must be age 70 ½ or older at the time the gift is made.
  • The QCD has to be withdrawn from your Traditional or Roth IRA. SEP or SIMPLE IRAs may also qualify, but only if inactive (i.e. not receiving contributions).
  • The QCD has to be paid directly from your IRA to the qualified charity. (Qualified charities include churches, educational institutions, hospitals and medical research facilities, but not charitable remainder trusts or donor advised funds. Check with your charity of choice for eligibility).
  • No more than $100,000 can be applied towards a QCD for each tax year. If you file a joint return, your spouse can also make a QCD of up to $100,000.
  • The amount donated can count towards your Required Minimum Distribution from your Traditional IRA.
  • 2011 QCD's can be made until December 31, 2011.
For IRA donations, please also download  the E*Trade IRA Distribution Request Form

Complete the form(s).
Have the form signed by all account holders on the account.
Send the form to Pacific Whale Foundation, Attention Membership and Giving Department, 300 Ma'alaea Road, Suite 211, Wailuku, HI 96793. We will complete the information about Pacific Whale Foundation and send the form to E*Trade Securities.  


For questions about Qualified Charitable Distributions, call E*Trade at 1-877-921-2434. 

Need information from Pacific Whale Foundation? Please  call us toll-free at 1-800-942-5311 ext. 2 between 9 am and 5 pm HST, Mondays through Fridays. 

Please note that Pacific Whale Foundation and E*TRADE Financial Corporation and its affiliates do not provide tax advice. Always consult your own tax advisor regarding your personal circumstances before taking any action that may have tax consequences.