Written August 9, 2010

This day the weather was very sad, but we had many, many whales. They were very near the coast. First we had a group of two animals, near Isla Salango, but then we were quickly surrounded by about eight humpback whales.

It was a very active group, we had tails, and tail slapping. I always like these moments, because that's when the tourists scream and howl with happiness. There was a lady, who since leaving the port had been dizzy. I could always see that although she felt bad, as long as the whales were close, she stood to watch them.

When I took the photos, I found a whale that was so very similar to another animal that we had seen. So, just as I got off the boat, I went to the office for comparison of the tail photos. It was much like the other whale, but no the same. Tomorrow begins the National holiday of August 10, the first cry of independence, this will bring many tourists to Puerto Lopez and more times we can be out on the ocean.

From Ecuador, Cristina