Close Encounters Continue

While majority of the “Researcher on Board” team has been working hard at collecting valuable data out of Maalaea, I’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to match their efforts with some long hard hours of my own out of Lahaina.

Now in our fourth week of this project it would seem as though we should be seeing an almost exponential increase in the amount of surprise encounters with the rapid influx of animals moving into the area, however with so many variables involved in each encounter it’s still far too early to come to any conclusions on what’s actually causing these heart stopping close encounters. One thing is for certain however, there are a LOT of animals in the area right now and our highly skilled, extensively trained captains are certainly on their toes.

Research aside; our passengers have had some absolutely incredible whalewatches with some absolutely unbelievable encounters. From curious moms and calves to large competition pods, there’s not a day on the water that’s gone by uneventful.



Annie Macie