Checking Things Off the List

This season has been a long one, but a great one.  We have seen so many whales and have experienced a few new places along the way.

We had our last day on the water in Eden.  It was a bit rough, but we saw a few whales.  At this time of year it is mostly mothers with their calves heading south.  We have been seeing a few solo adults still as well.  Last day on the water….check.

Sunday night was spent saying good-bye to some really great people who have become close friends.  Ros and Gordon Butt, owners of the Cat Balou, have welcomed us onto their boat and into their home for many years now.  We appreciate their hard work and dedication to the whales very much.  The Butt’s have two staff that we became friends with as well.  To Judy and Helen, much love and keep up the hard work.  Saying good-bye to our Eden friends….check.

Monday morning, after loading up, we headed out for a 3-day road trip back north.  Per the Butt’s suggestion, we decided to travel a different route back up.  Instead of going north, we started out going west towards Canberra, the nation’s capital.  We saw scenic mountains, lush farmlands and hills covered in purple flowers.  It was an amazingly beautiful trip and very different from travelling along the coast.  See a new part of Australia…..check.

The third day of our road trip saw the end of towing the research boat.  We stopped in Brisbane, where the boat spends most of the year, to drop it off.  Annie had the pleasure of power washing 3 days of bug of the boat before it was stored away.  Putting the boat to bed….check.

We have finally arrived back in Hervey Bay and after unloading the car, we began packing up our suitcases for our flight out tomorrow.  Both Annie and myself are looking forward to getting back home, but after 3 months in a place you do become attached.  We will miss Australia and our many new friends very much. 


 Australia field season….check. 

Amanda Hutsel


Anonymously (visitor) says:

I nice posts as you write hope you had there great time Australia field season