Build A Bin

Fishing line bins are constructed from PVC pipe.  Note that PVC and decal prices will vary with location and supplier.  Call around and get price quotes from about different plumbing and irrigation supply stores.  On Maui, PVC supplies can be obtained from Irrigation Supply Systems (Home Depot and Lowe's do not carry 6" pipe).  Also be aware that schedule 40 PVC is MUCH more expensive than 3034 (sewer grade) PVC, so try and find someone who can supply the 3034 grade PVC.

Assembly Instructions

Materials list

  • 2 foot section of 6" abs pipe
  • 4” abs 90 degree elbow
  • 4”abs cleanout
  • 4”abs plug(with ½” hole drilled in bottom)
  • 2- Sammy screws 3/8” bolt size for wood or steel
  • 2- 3/8”x 1” hex head bolts
  • 2- 3/8” flat washers
  • abs glue
  • recycling decal, "NO TRASH" decal, club or sponsor decal

Tool list         

  • Hacksaw to cut abs pipe
  • Drill motor with ½ inch drill bit

 How to Assemble           

  • Cut abs pipe into 24 inch sections from 10 foot piece of pipe
  • Glue 90 elbow to one end of pipe, this becomes the top.
  • Glue cleanout to opposite end, this becomes the bottom
  • Drill ½ inch hole in center of plug; this is to let water out (use ½ inch twist or spade drill).
  • Accurately drill a ½ inch hole through the back side of the 90 elbow and ½” hole through the smooth section off the cleanout and the pipe. Be careful to keep the holes in line with the centerline of the pipe.

In the Field

Tools List

  • Cordless drill motor 
  • 24 inch level
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil or marker
  • 9/16 inch wrench short in length

How to install*

* Please check with your local parks department or relevant county/state agency for permission before installing bins *

  • Measure the distance of holes drilled in back of tube and carefully transfer to existing post, making sure marks are in line and plumb.
  • Install cordless drill or socket wrench.
  • Screw 3/8 inch bolt through bottom hole first. This helps to support the tube before installing the top screw
  • Screw the top bolt through the inside of the tube. This can be a little difficult.
  • Apply the decals; take a photo and move on to the next bin!