"Bruiser" Highway

Ten hours and 750 kilometers later, day one of my solo roadtrip north has finally come to a close. The land cruiser and the naiad have been safely tucked away for the night, and only minor blemishes mark the beginning of the duos long trip north.

Often referred to as the "bruiser" highway, the Bruce Highway is notorious for more than just minor bumps and blemishes. After getting decked in the windshield with a rock by a passing truck last night, I started to take notice as to the array of spider crack patterns spread across other driver's windsheilds as well.

Not a huge deal, but common enough to provoke insurance companies to cover windshield replacements once per year, it certainly makes you want to roll with your windows up!

Annie Macie


Anonymous says:

Hi Annie,
I have been looking forward to the research season. Keeping up with the southern half of the world. Good luck, and it would be absolutely awesome if you meet up with Migaloo once again. My windsheild is being replaced next week for similar reasons. Small world. my best to your efforts this season. Wish I were there again.
PS I got a puppy 3 weeks ago!(Picard)

Anonymous says:

Hope your road trip is going safely so far! I'm already keeping tabs on you. I'll be wishing the best, especially when it comes to flat tires and getting rescued by all your Aussie blokes!!! Be safe!

Anonymous says:

So the saga of heroic exploits continues...with the thrill of unknown adventures that lie ahead. Let me know if you need any on-board entertainment. I'm available August and/or September at any port of call where the Sea Nymph goes and the whales sing. Remember to have fun and enjoy each special day.

Anonymous says:

Hi Annie,

I met you on my last trip to Maui in the photosafari tour, I believe it was March 21. I had the nikon d700 with the big lens if you remember. I want to wish you good luck in your expedition and hopefully one day I would love to be able to do the same. The CD from the tour was amazing, I hope you get some great shots! ( I wish I was there). I'll be reading your blogs.