Blown Away

After a perfect day on the water yesterday, the skies darken, the wind begins to howl and the rain comes.  We head out any way.  As soon as we enter the Whitsunday Passage it becomes ‘rather ordinary’.  Winds are 25+ knots and seas roiling.

“What happened to the Whitsundays I know and love?” pined Annie.

Welcome to my world.  We have been blessed last year, and this, with near-perfect weather.  Not what we experience in nearly ten years of working these waters in the ‘90s.

35 miles traveled today, and time to head for port.  This is not a research day.

Time to catch up on data and emails.

 Speaking of emails, I received some great news from Eden (550 km south of Sydney) and Ros Butt co-owner of ‘Cat Balou’ whalewatches.  They are seeing Southern Right Whales in Two-Fold Bay and some new southward migrating humpbacks showing up to feed.  Also Ros sends news of fishermen reporting a pod of orca hunting down a young subadult humpback – sad.

Ros sends along some good photos of the rights  whales resting inside of Two-fold Bay, and  the humpbacks feeding.  It makes us forget all about the storm outside, and we look forward to October when we hit our final destination of the season, Eden: East of Eden, where the humpbacks feed in mid-migration. (

Breezy G’day


Greg Kaufman


Andrew Ellis (visitor) says:

Fantastic to have Amanda aboard with us in Hervey Bay today. Perfect weather and sooooo many whales. Great interaction between adult humpbacks, bottlenose dolphin and passengers and crew aboard the MIKAT

Anonymous (visitor) says:

We can hardly wait to get back to the Bay and all our friends, especially Captain Andrew and the crew of Mikat. See you in a week!