Baby Breach

Baby Breach

Monica and Michael Sweet Gallery uses a mix of digital, 35mm. and medium format cameras to capture the raw image. They are loosely following Ansel Adams Zone System to record a compromised exposure with the best mix of highlight, mid-tone, and shadow information without losing highlights (to bright) or shadows (to dark). For each image, they use a digital darkroom. To adjust the tones and tonal range much in the way of Ansel Adams, Weston, or Michael Kenna might do in the traditional darkroom. They use the techniques they taught and convert them to the digital darkroom. This may include expanding the tonal range for any given area of the picture, pulling up the highlights, pushing back the mid-tones or shadows etc… 95% of what they do in the digital darkroom is tonal. This style they are developing is pretty new to photography. They are very excited about exploring the new possibilities in photography, printing, and creative expression.

Monica and Michael Sweet Gallery is a local gallery on Maui, HI. We appreciate your support of local artists.

You can also find their work in some organizations and companies including: Hawaii Magazine, National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, Hawaiian Airlines, Time Magazine, Islands Magazine, Travel & Leisure and a long list of others.

Sizes 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 are available in Black or White Matting.

Sizes 16X20 and up come unmatted.

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Price: $30.00