Are We There Yet?

Another nine hours on the road has brought me to a near end in my expedition north. With only about an hour left to my final Port Douglas destination I've decided to pull the cruiser and the naiad off the road to give them (and myself) a much needed break.

Moving from chilly ranchland to lush tropical mountain ranges, both the quality of the highway and temperature have improved. The final test of my towing ability however will come tomorrow in my final stint to Port Douglas as I weave back and forth through narrow roadways for an hour straight.

Upon my arrival I'll spend the morning moving all our gear into our home for the next three weeks, before turing right back around and hitting the open road again. Greg will be arriving into the Cairns airport tomorrow evening, so hopefully within only a day our so we'll be off the road and back on the water!

Annie Macie


Deborah (visitor) says:

I am not sure if it is possible to be better, when you are such an excellent photographer, but your photos of the whales are stunning. That breaching baby whale was so awesome. Great job on the 13th.
Deborah (Vermont)

SunDiva1 (visitor) says:

Hey Annie! I wondered where you'd gone to! I was on your tour when you were in Maui, and took a pix of you & Amanda on our whale-watching boat - I was moving to Maui and we were talking about how we would become neighbors - then you both went off to Australia! Did you get the pix I sent? I hope you are having the time of your life! I'm envious - you life your life to the fullest!

Anonymous says:

These roads should be nothing for you Annie. You are used to the Hana Highway!!!!