Another visit to school in Puerto Lopez

August 17, 2012 - Puerto Lopez

Today we went to visit a school with Gretchen (a volunteer from Pacific Whale Foundation). we took a Machalill bike taxi. The little school is located on San Isidro Road. When we arrived the kids were at recess so we waited a moment to focus on the wonderful world of the humpback whales. We must make them understand that they need to care for and protect the resources we have, which includes not throwing garbage (littering) at school, home or in the sea.

There were 32 students in the classroom. We were getting to know them better and started with our  little talk. Then I realized that children were a bit shy, so we decided to go with an activity that was participatory so that we would be sharing knowledge and they would be gaining new experiences.
We succeeded nicely to have shared great moments with them because they ended up making a mini play on several marine species using puppets. 
One child said: "The stingray is a fish and feeds on plankton."
At that time we went around the room with each child sharing characteristics of one or two species they had chosen, eventually everyone applauded and thanked Pacific Whale Foundation for providing a time full of joy, entertainment and excitement.