Aloha Whitsundays

Yesterday, after stopping in one last time at the marina, we set off for the second of our four research sites. It was an uneventful trip. Which is a very good thing considering our last road trip. It was foggy this morning as we finished the last few kilometers, be we arrived to sunny skies and only the slightest breeze. The Whitsundays is the land of 74 islands and an all around beautiful place.After checking in to our accommodations, we headed down to the marina to book a berth for our research boat. Everywhere we went, people stopped to tell us that they had “just seen a whale, putting on a good show too”. Things are definitely looking up. Tomorrow will be our first day on the water here, and I for one, am very excited. Like Port Douglas, this is my first time at this research site. Adventure is sure to soon begin.

Amanda Hutsel


Beth Salles (visitor) says:

This must be so exciting for you Amanda. Like a kid in a candy store. Here is to good luck and lots of Humpbacks ready to say hi