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40th annual Maui Whale Festival logo

Welcome to a Reimagined Whale Day in 2020!

Pacific Whale Foundation

Whale Day has been one of the most popular Maui community events, dating back to 1980, and is always a special occasion, but this year’s Whale Day celebration is special for a few reasons.   Whale Day began as a way for the founder of...

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Our Latest Australia Research Study

Alicia Wood

Swimming with whales is an emerging form of tourism worldwide and is gaining interest in Australia, (where it was approved by government in 2017 as a commercial activity), with commercial operations running on both the east and west coasts of...

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Introducing the RETHINK Kit!

Alicia Wood

8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean each year, injuring and killing marine animals ranging from the smallest plankton to some the largest animals on the planet. Our RETHINK kit (pictured above) is designed to cover...

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