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Category: Fact Of The Week

Christmas Critters

Happy Holidays from Pacific Whale Foundation! Everyone is in the holiday spirit, including some of our underwater friends 😉 Did you know that there is marine life found in the waters of Maui whose names are holiday inspired? Here are some ‘Christmas Critters’ to get to know today. Candy Cane Shrimp Parhippolyte mistica, the Candy … Continued

RETHINK Your Next Event!

Throwing an event, from large conferences to organizational meetings or even casual parties, often generates a lot of waste. The inherent nature of an event seemingly calls for single-use, individualized everything, but as many of us are now aware, especially if you’re following our RETHINK campaign, human generated plastic waste is a massive problem impacting marine life. Next time you host an event, follow these 10 steps to make it marine animal and environmentally friendly. It’s time to RETHINK events!