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Conference on the biology of marine mammals "Read entire blog"

Aloha kakou! I just returned from the 19th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals held in Tampa, Florida from Nov 27th to Dec 2; 2000 attendees, 332 oral presentations, 12 speed talks, and 600 posters. This international conference is held every two years and gathers marine mammal scientists and students from around the world. The goal of this conference is to enhance collaboration, share ideas, and improve the quality of research on marine mammals. It was a great week spent with amazing and inspiring people from around the globe.


Rapid Response Plan "Read entire blog"

Today was a perfect day in Maui Nui! Clear skies, no wind, calm waters, and we tried out our “Rapid Response Plan ” (RRP) protocol. RRP is designed to utilize the availability of PWF skiff docked in Ma’alaea Harbor to conduct non-invasive research by collecting opportunistic data on false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens) and bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates). The goal for the Researchers is to be out the door and on the sea to quickly intercept the study species, should they come close to Ma’alaea.



Jerald Werrimer (visitor) says:

Thank you for the article and pictures. I would love to be right there with you putting the rapid response plan in action. I hope you will elaborate on the data outcome as I find it all very interesting. Being a North American from the midwest, I honestly thought no one actually ever got to see a whale or dolphin unless it was at the zoo. Thanks again, I will checking back frequently.

Close encounter with false killer whales

The whale watch trip on Tuesday morning was a very special one; it was a gorgeous day to be out on the water, we were on board of our new raft (Ocean Freedom) for Ultimate Whale Watch, and we had a very close encounter with false killer whales!


Humpbacks and bottlenose dolphins interactions!

The whale watch trip on Ocean Intrigue on Wednesday morning started off very rough, the easterly winds were blowing about 20-25 knots, but we headed south and the wind speed started to drop as we were getting close to kihei area. Haleakala protects south Maui from eastern wind, creating perfect conditions with no wind and glassy waters.


Interesting competition pod!

Aloha Kakou!

On our ROB whale watching trips, we have been noticing that humpback whale peak season has passed, but we've still seen a lots of whale and lots of great activities out there. This past work week we sighted many great activities, but the most interesting one was the two males that joined a mom, calf, and escort to form a competition pod. It was awesome to watch!


Interesting behavior

On Wednesday morning, I departed from Ma’alaea Harbor on board of Ocean Intrigue 8 am whale watching. It was a pretty windy morning, as usual, trades were blowing about 7-10 knots, Ma’alaea harbor is known to be the second windiest harbor in the world! Even though it was windy, the whale watching was great and interesting; we encountered a sub adult whale that displayed an unusual behavior in breeding grounds.


False killer whales are here again!

It was a perfect day in Maui Nui today! Clear skies, no wind, calm waters, and false killer whales encounter... this time I got to see them! Awesome!!!!!!


Interesting week!

Aloha kakou!

I had an interesting week on ROB; two mom and calf pairs in the same area, intense competition pods, and a \"calf mugging\".


\"Whale mugging\"

Awesome day on ROB yesterday! Perfect weather, glassy waters, \"surprise encounter\" data collection, and we got “mugged” two times!


Unexpected behavior

Hello All!



Anonymous (visitor) says:

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