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Crazy about Bottlenose Dolphins "Read entire blog"

I started studying bottlenose dolphins in 1989 in Monterey Bay and since then I had the good fortune of observing them in many locations around the world. This species is found far and wide in all seas of the world, and there are generally a coastal form and an offshore form everywhere they have been studied. These two forms are genetically distinct. What is fascinating about bottlenose dolphins is the fact that their social structure is very diverse. They are definitely cultural animals and these cultures make them act just the same way as a tribal people would.


Studying Sleep Patterns is not that easy "Read entire blog"



More photos of Spinners



Anonymous (visitor) says:

This is fantastic, and there are no words that can correctly describe such a beautiful memory. I hope you have many more sightings.

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Spinning Ideas While Watching Spinners


On Saturday May 21st the Research Team went to sea on PWF’s raft Ocean Freedom to collect data on spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris). The trip along the coast of Lanai Island was a unique opportunity to get new information on the behavior of these amazing creatures and their interaction with vessels.


Feeding Honus



HONU IS IN......


False Killer Whales are Here!! but not everybody gets to see them.....

It was one of those perfect days on the water....vog actually made the light look a bit surreal, but there was no wind in most of the four island area and the sun was shining bright above the mist. Looking from a certain angle, I almost got fooled into believing I was still in Monterey Bay during one of those "normal" foggy days when you try to open the mists of Avalon to no avail.

A Day on Kama V - Our New Research Vessel


The new research vessel is a dream. It is a 40 foot RIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat) with two 300 horse power motors. Kama V is silent, has a smooth ride and, most importantly, has enough space to comfortably fit our research crew and all the gear without worrying about cramped quarters!


Odontocete Project - Second Day of Surveys

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