Please don’t leave your fishing line behind. Recycle it!

Look for designated fishing line recycle bins when fishing. These bins area located at harbors, beach parks and boat ramps around Maui. If you aren’t near a bin, you can drop off old line at your nearest fishing supply store. Indoor and outdoor bins are regularly emptied, and the collected line is shipped to Berkley Fishing Supply for recycling.

Discarded lines can entangle and harm sea turtles, monk seals, seabirds and dolphins. Most fishing line is made of monofilament – a single-strand flexible plastic that won’t break down in the environment. Lost or littered line kills or injures thousands of marine animals each year.

Pacific Whale Foundation is a proud sponsor of program in partnership with the State of Hawaii Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation to help keep our oceans shorelines free of fishing lines. We do this by promoting and installing recycle fishing line bins at various locations around Maui.