The Ecuador research team had a special trip to Isla de la Plata last week, on a very sunny day with calm winds. Most days the team spent searching for humpback whales within Puerto Lopez. However, when calm weather allowed, they traveled to Isla de la Plata, allowing them to see other species besides the humpback whale.

On the way to the island the team saw nazca and blue-footed boobies in a feeding frenzy together with pantropical spotted dolphins. Once the team arrived at the island they were delighted to see a beautiful male orca. Although this sighting is not uncommon for the island, this is the first time they documented a male orca. A group of humpback whales was also observed close by and it is not uncommon to see orcas attacks humpback whales in waters around Isla de la Plata.

On the return trip from the island several groups of active humpback whales were observed traveling south, potentially beginning their migration route. The whales are always inspiring the team to move forward, bringing out the best in them, and research should always serve to protect them, to speak for them, and above all to create new life opportunities for people. A change that is well echoed in the town of Puerto Lopez, which owes its transformation to the whales.