Environmental Commitment

We are a proud member of the Hawaii Ecotourism Association and are a Certified Sustainable Tour Operator. From following strict wildlife viewing guidelines to using recycled and biodegradable products — we work to ensure that all our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. View our Certifications >



    • Onboard food service uses washable plates and silverware; cups are biodegradable, compostable, tree-free and petroleum-free; no plastic drinking straws
    • No plastic water bottles: we use filtered water on our vessels and in our offices
    • No single-use plastic bags: we use biodegradable, compostable bags made from corn starch and totes made from recycled materials
    • Toilet paper unbleached and made from recycled paper
    • Company-wide recycling policy for cans, bottles, office paper and newspapers
    • Promotional materials printed on FSC-certified 100% recycled paper made with green power (including wind power)
    • “Green Office” renovations feature LED lighting; eco-friendly cork-flooring; high recycled content doors, counters and fixtures; recycled office furniture; and other green features
    • Vessels equipped with Tier II (or higher) high efficiency engines for lower emissions
    • Towels and rags washed using our own water-saving and energy-efficient machines (instead of laundry service)
    • Fresh produce and other food and beverages locally sourced from companies like Maui Cattle Company, Maui Brewing Company, and Oʻo Farm
    • Employees provided with incentives to ride the bus to work or to purchase a hybrid high efficiency vehicle
    • Employees routinely participate in beach, harbor and highway clean-ups
    • Volunteers on Vacation Program encourages participation in environmental protection projects, including beach clean-ups
    • Whale Protection Devices on all our vessels guide whales away from propellers and running gear
    • Our Certified Waste Management Policy far exceeds federal requirements: We Don’t Dump, We Pump
    • Vessels use established moorings to protect Maui’s reefs
    • Reef safe sunscreen available for free at boarding, and for purchase in our Ocean Stores and on our vessels (at cost)
    • Ocean Stores only carry sunscreen products that are reef safe
    • Only sustainably harvested seafood served on our Dinner Cruises and Cocktail Cruises
    • Laser Range Finders are used by our captains to ensure accurate compliance with Federal and State laws regarding approaches to whales and other marine wildlife
    • We strictly follow our “Be Whale Aware” and “Be Dolphin Wise” guidelines which include limits on vessel speed, time spent viewing, and other steps to prevent disturbances to whales and dolphins
    • Our “Be Whale Aware” and “Be Dolphin Wise” guidelines are available for download and are used to educate and encourage responsible wildlife watching by other boat operators and ocean users
  • Chevron down We follow responsible guidelines for wildlife photography and video
  • Pacific Whale Foundation adheres to responsible guidelines when viewing marine mammals in the wild.

    1. We view wild marine mammals (including dolphins and whales) from a responsible distance to avoid any harassment or disturbance to their natural behaviors. Our photos/videos that show dolphins, whales or other marine mammals near the boat were taken after they approached the boat with the engines in neutral or off. Our photos/videos that show dolphins, whales or other marine mammals bow-riding were taken after they approached the boat of their own accord.
    2. All photos and videos of dolphins and whales taken by Pacific Whale Foundation’s research team were done so during the course of permitted scientific research.
    3. All underwater photos/videos were taken during the course of permitted scientific research and/or with a remote device while following guidelines for responsible viewing.
    4. All photos/videos taken outside of the United States were done so in accordance with that country’s regulations and guidelines for marine mammal viewing or protection, and under appropriate research permits when conducting scientific research.
  • Chevron down We offer a series of Wildlife Watching Guides available for download
  • Hawaii Wildlife Watching Guide: Humpback Whales

    Hawaii Wildlife Watching Guide: Dolphins

    Hawaii Wildlife Watching Guide: Sea Turtles

    Hawaii Wildlife Watching Guide: Coral Reefs

    Hawaii Wildlife Watching Guide: Hawaiian Monk Seal

    Hawaii Wildlife Watching Guide: Sharks of Hawaii

    Maui Adventure Guide

    Hawaii’s Humpback Whales: The Ultimate Guide by Greg Kaufman (available for purchase)