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Adopt A Turtle - Ronald

Ronald was named by Cathryn Murray as a gift for Ronald Brimacombe, a very special person in her life. Ronald is a frequent visitor to South Maui, and loves to visit reefs where Hawaiian green sea turtles are often seen, swimming, resting on coral or in caves, and nibbling on algae.

Adopt-a-Turtle Shaw

Shaw is a green sea turtle – or a “honu” if you were to use the Hawaiian name for this species – or Chelonia mydas if you prefer the scientific name. Green sea turtles are docile animals found in tropical and subtropical seas around the world. We are fortunate to have them residing here in the Hawaiian Islands.

Adopt A Turtle - Lilo

Lilo is a Hawaiian green sea turtle that has likely spent its entire life within Hawaiian waters. This turtle was named by Sami from Manhattan Beach, CA who held a waterless car wash to raise funds for Pacific Whale Foundation. The name Lilo means, “generous one," a very fitting name that reflects the young donor’s own generosity.


Adopt A Turtle - Duarte

Duarte is a Hawaiian green sea turtle that has likely spent its entire life within Hawai’i, and has been sighted repeatedly by Pacific Whale Foundation’s staff off the coast of South Maui in a place that many people call “Turtle Town” or “Turtle Arches”.

Adopt A Turtle - Kuhukuku

This turtle's name means “turtle dove” in Hawaiian. This beautiful small-to-medium sized green sea turtle, has a beautiful shell that's free of algae and parasites. Our team sees Kukukuku repeatedly off the coast of South Maui, in an area that many people call “Turtle Arches” for the abundant numbers of turtles that live there. Kuhukuku was named by Pacific Whale Foundation friend and supporter, Duffy Bowman. 

Adopt A Turtle - Shaka

Shaka was found off the coast of Maui, in an area known as Makena, in an ocean area that some people have dubbed “Turtle Arches.”  If you were to sit on a boat at Turtle Arches, you could view wide paths of hardened black lava rock on land that resulted from the last volcanic eruptions of Haleakala, the 10,000-foot tall dormant volcano that is the main geological feature of Maui. 

Adopt A Turtle - Pili Ko'a

Pili Ko’a is a green sea turtle that lives in Hawaii. This turtle was sighted off the coast of South Maui, in an area known as Makena, famous for its volcanic rock coastline and the underwater lava rock ledges. 

Adopt a Turtle - Mohala

In the Hawaiian language, Mohala refers to opening, blossoming and evolving, or to be freed or recovered. We named this turtle "Mohala" to reflect the recovery of the green turtle population in Hawaii. This recovery is a reason for celebration, for not too long ago, many turtles were killed by hunters around Hawaii.

Adopt a Turtle - Lele

Lele is the historical name for Lahaina and also means to jump for joy in Hawaiian. Lele is a Maui turtle that was sighted offshore from Olowalu, which is in the district of Lahaina.