Stop Whaling

UPDATE: As of 10/21/2014, the Norwegian whaling season has come to a close.  A total of 731 minke whales were killed during the 2014 whale hunt, compared to a total of 590 minke whales last year.

There is no science in killing whales.  There is no need to slaughter whales for food or any other purpose.  Yet why are over 2,000 whales butchered every year?  

By the mid-1900’s, the precipitous decline in whale populations around the world prompted an international moratorium on commercial whaling that went into effect in 1986.  Under the moratorium, whaling is legal only under a scientific research permit or with an aboriginal subsistence whaling permit.  Despite the moratorium, nearly 40,000 whales have been slaughtered in the past 27 years.  Whaling under scientific permit has been responsible for over 15,000 of those deaths, and Japan’s scientific program in particular accounts for an estimated 75% of the whales taken under scientific permit.

Pacific Whale Foundation opposes whaling anywhere, on any scale, for any reason.

  • Whaling is inhumane and cruel;
  • Whaling threatens the sustained recovery of whale populations around the world;
  • There is no science in killing whales. There are proven, minimally invasive techniques used to study whales - there is no need to kill whales for scientific research;  
  • There is no need to slaughter whales for food or any other purpose;
  • The demand for whale meat is falling;
  • Sustainable whalewatching is a proven alternative to whaling.  Whalewatching can support economic development, raise public awareness of whales and encourage commitement to marine conservation.   

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