On-site Naturalist Programs

On-Site Coral Reef Naturalist Program at Ulua Beach, Walilea

Learn the names of the fish you've seen while snorkeling with the help of a knowledgeable Pacific Whale Foundation naturalist at Pacific Whale Foundation's free Coral Reef Information Station at Maui's Ulua Beach. This beach is known for its excellent shoreline snorkeling, at a beautiful reef that runs perpendicular to shore.

Pacific Whale Foundation established this free information station at Ulua Beach because this location is so popular with beginning snorkelers. Our aim is to teach all snorkelers and beach users about the best ways to protect this reef while they explore it. Some of our reef-friendly snorkeling tips include: Don't stand or walk on the corals. Avoid feeding fish or other ocean wildlife. Use reef-safe sunscreen and apply at least 20 minutes prior to entering the water. Use a flotation device to help keep your legs and feet horizontal and away from the corals.

At our Coral Reef Information Station, you'll find a tally of the fish and aquatic life that has been sighted that day, books and fish i.d. materials for your reference, and free applications of reef-safe sunscreen. Our naturalist is happy to answer all of your questions about the reef and the wildlife you might encounter.

Open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 8 am to 11:30 am.  For information, call Pacific Whale Foundation at 808) 249-8811 ext. 1.
Pacific Whale Foundation naturalists and volunteers will be stationed at three locations along Maui’s coast to help you locate whales from shores. They’ll share with you the best techniques for spotting these amazing marine mammals from Maui's shorelines, have binoculars and scopes to help you get a better view, along with models and marine artifacts for hands-on exploration. You’ll also get answers to your questions about whales, geography and natural history. Free and open to all. Part of Maui Whale Festival.
Papawai Point  -   Offered daily, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Dec. 15 through April 25
Watch whales at this popular scenic overlook off Honoapi’ilani Highway (Route 30) located approximately 3 miles northwest of Ma’alaea Harbor. For information, please call Pacific Whale Foundation at (808) 249-8811 ext. 1.
Wailea Marriott  -  Offered Tuesday and Thursdays 7:30-11:30 am, Dec. 15 through April 25
View whales along the Ocean Path in front of the Wailea Marriott, off Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea. For information, please call Pacific Whale Foundation at (808) 249-8811 ext. 1.
Maui Ocean Club  -  Offered Wednesdays and Fridays 7:30-11:30 am, Dec. 15 through April 25
Marriot’s Maui Ocean Club, located on Kaanapali Beach, is the site of the “Trail of the Whale” Marine Naturalist Station on Maui’s westside. The station is located along the oceanfront pedestrian path fronting the resort. For information, please call Pacific Whale Foundation at (808) 249-8811 ext. 1.
Fleetwood's on Front Street, Lahaina - Offered daily, noon to 4:00 pm at 744 Front St, Lahaina, from Dec. 5 through April 25
The most "chill" spot for watching whales on our Trail of the Whale! Fleetwood's is a restaurant owned by Mick Fleetwood of legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac. Their spacious, shaded upper deck offers a perfect place to kick back, enjoy a cocktail, lunch, dinner, appetizer or dessert and watch whales off the coast. A knowledgeable Pacific Whale Foundation naturalist is stationed there with binoculars and telescope that you can use to get a closer view of the whales offshore. Ask your questions about whales -- it's extremely unlikely that you'll come up with one the naturalist can't answer!  For information, please call Pacific Whale Foundation at (808) 249-8811 ext. 1.
Our staff also recommends:
The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua - Great viewing can be found on the public beach fronting this world-class resort.
Pacific Whale Foundation’s Offices, Ma‘alaea Harbor Shops - Outside balcony by the office entrance offers spectacular views of the harbor and whale-filled waters beyond.
Kamaole I, II, and III Beach Parks, Kihei -  Listen for whale songs when you put your head underwater! 
Pu‘u Olai, Makena Beach - It requires an uphill mike, but this spot overlooking “Big Beach” in Makena, offers excellent whale viewing.