Surfing Jaws

Surfing Jaws

Once in a career you get a chance to define the focus of your work. I had been working closely for may years with a core group of Maui watermen who were always looking for new ways to push the envelope. When they discovered how to tow themselves into bigger waves than had ever been ridden, I was determined to document from the start what would be a monumental moment in big waves surfing. It would all happen at a Maui break that few people even knew existed at the time. Peahi, or "Jaws" as it is sensationally known, has become one of the ultimate proving grounds for big wave riders all over the world. I am honored to have shared such exciting, terrifying and joyful moments with all the riders who challenged themselves to ride the wave, just as I have challenged myself to capture those moments.

     --Erik Aeder, Sports Photographer

Photography By: Erik Aeder

Written By: Gerry Lopez

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