Population, Distribution and Abundance of Humpback Whales and Cetaceans in Machalilla National Park

Project Name:  
Population, Distribution and Abundance of Humpback Whales and other Cetaceans in Machalilla National Park

Project Dates:

Project Site(s):
Machalilla National Park (Puerto López, Puerto Cayo, Salango, Machalilla, Isla de La Plata)

Project Aims: 

  • Identify and monitor the population of humpback whales in the National Park Machalilla.
  • Analyze, classify and compare new photographs of humpback previous years.
  • Compare the Ecuadorian catalog with other catalogs in Latin America, Antarctica and the Pacific.
  • Promote the development of knowledge, attitudes and abilities related to the conservation of the environment and improve the quality of life of the local communities along the Ecuadorian coast.
  • Publish our results at all levels local, scientific and media.

Project Justification:
Whalewatching tourism is the source of economic, social and cultural development of thousands of residents of the Ecuadorian coast. PWF’s research supports information and monitors the status of whales and other cetaceans, to maintain the right balance between nature and human development.

Project Methodology:
Photo-identification i carried out from whalewatching vessels leaving from the small coastal town Puerto Lopez and departing towards Isla de la Plata. Surveys are conducted in a nonsystematic fashion within the study area (depending on reports of sightings, as well as weather conditions). Data is collected opportunistically in the form of digital photographs, audio tape recordings, and real time observations recorded on pre-formatted data sheets.

Project Permits (if any):
MINISTERIO DE AMBIENTE – Parque Nacional Machalilla
– Permiso No. 002 - RM - DPM - MA

Centro de investigación de ballenas, Machalilla National Park, Tourism Ministry of Ecuador, Universidad Central del Ecuador, International Students Volunteers, guías naturalistas del Parque Nacional Machalilla, Environmental Ministry, Operadora turística Palo Santo, Operadora turística Manta Raya, Operadora Turistica Costatour, Operadora Turística Isla de La Plata

Management Outcomes: 
The distribution, abundance and movements of humpback whales and other cetaceans in Ecuador and Latin America is poorly understood. Whalewatch boats have become platforms of opportunity to investigate and to train and educate operators, guides and visitors. PWF’s ongoing research and the grwoth and development of tourism has resulted, in part, Ecuador joining the International Whaling Commission in 2007. Due our PWF’s efforts, along with other researchers and impact of tourism, there are three new protected areas related to the presence of dolphins and whales in Ecuador.

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View video from Ama La Vida TV in Ecuador of an interview with Cristina Castro, Director of Pacific Whale Foundation's Ecuador Project.