A Pocket Guide To Hawai'i's Underwater Paradise

A Pocket Guide To Hawai'i's Underwater Paradise

Beneath the rolling surf and bubbling white ocean currents that surround the Hawaiian Islands lies a wonderland of color, drama, and spectacle. Lava tunnels and caves, encrusted by live coral polyps, riddle the underwater coastline and provide homes for millions of fancifully named tropical reef dwellers.

A Pocket Guide to Hawai'i's Underwater Paradise guides you through the labyrinthine homes of the submarine creatures that inhabit the reef shelves and crevices. The stunning photographs and descriptive text provided by John P. Hoover bring this underwater world into exquisite focus.

Visit the solitary orange cup coral, white snowflake coral, black coral, winged oysters, and Hawaiian lionfish under reef ledges and tables. View rainbow swimming crabs, hairy yellow hermit crabs, banded spiny lobsters, slipper lobsters, and red reef lobsters as they propel themselves through the shallows and into the dark, underlying pits beneath gigantic coral heads.

Explore their world through these pages, then don your mask, snorkel, and fins to experience the adventure of discovery. Call them by name, know where they live and expand your awareness of this place of dazzling color and astonishing variety.

Text and Photos By: John P. Hoover

Additional Photos By: David R. Schrichte

Price: $9.95