Pacific Whale Foundation is Taking Advocacy Social

Now celebrating 35 years as an ocean advocacy organization, Pacific Whale Foundation continues to lead the fight to make our ocean a safer, healthier place for whales and all marine life. But a lot has changed in the past 35 years—including the way that we do advocacy. To celebrate the next phase of marine mammal advocacy, Pacific Whale Foundation is using social media to help inspire the next wave of ocean supporters.

Hashtag Our Campaign by Using: #PWFSaveTheWhales

#pwfsavethewhalesHashtags (#)—also known as the “pound” symbol—are a simple way to create categories within social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pacific Whale Foundation is using the #PWFSaveTheWhales hashtag to raise awareness about way we can help protect humpback whales. It’s true that years of protections have helped the population to rebound, but humpbacks around the world continue to face numerous threats.

There are a lot of ways to make a difference for the whales, no matter where you live. Each time you take action to Save the Whales, document it and use the hashtag #PWFSaveTheWhales to show the world how you are standing up for the whales. Use the list below to get started, but we encourage you to get creative.

  1. Be Whale Aware: Pacific Whale Foundation has found that reduced speed of whale watching boats lessens the risk of whale vessel collisions. Learn more from our Be Whale Aware program and choose responsible eco-tourism whenever you travel.
  2. Live Green: Wherever you live, do your part to live “green” and reduce climate change and rising sea surface temperatures. Rising temperatures in the ocean affect whale feeding grounds.
  3. Become a Citizen Scientist and Whale Researcher: Support noninvasive whale research and participate in Pacific Whale Foundation’s “Match My Whale” citizen science humpback whale fluke ID project. Learn more at
  4. Don’t Delist! Although there’s an effort by fishermen to remove humpback whales from the Endangered Species list, federal protections are still necessary and important for humpback whale population growth.
  5. Rule of Three: Marine debris is a major threat to whales. Leave the ocean cleaner than you found it and commit to picking up 3 pieces of trash each time you visit a shoreline.
  6. Choose Renewable Energy: Oil and gas development produce noise and pollution in the ocean that disturb whales. Support renewable energy alternatives like wind and solar power.
  7. Be Part of the Solution: Join a local environmental group and volunteer your time, wherever you live.
  8. Buy Local: Ship strikes are major causes of whale fatalities. Do your best to buy local to avoid excessive shipping.
  9. Choose Seafood Wisely: Buy sustainable seafood, because your choices will guide responsible fishing and make the oceans healthier for whales and all marine life. Learn more about sustainable seafood at
  10. Join Us: Become a member of Pacific Whale Foundation and support our efforts in science and advocacy.

Visit our blog for a full list of 35 Ways to #PWFSaveTheWhales on Pacific Whale Foundation’s 35th Anniversary.

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