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Lendy Leslie

Lendy Leslie

Lendy Leslie, originally from the landlocked state of Oklahoma, has always been fascinated by the wonders of the ocean. Upon completion of her Bachelor of Arts in Earth and Environmental Science and her Master of Science in Mathematics & Science Education both from The University of Tulsa, Lendy first joined our team in 2004 and worked in various positions through 2009. Lendy resumed working with PWF in March 2014 after a five year hiatus of teaching and training in different locations throughout the world including Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Hawai'i Island, Florida, Bahamas, Africa and Fiji.

Lendy has participated in marine research accessing human impact on spinner dolphins around the Big Island and humpback whales in Maui County. She has also taught in a variety of experiential education programs from environmental education in the Virgin Islands and Florida Keys to outdoor and adventure education in Colorado.

Lendy values her role as a Marine Education Specialist to empower our future generation as stewards of the ocean and as advocates against marine injustices. Specifically passionate about ending the exhibition of cetaceans in captivity, Lendy hopes to give others an accurate and truthful education of the natural environment and the potential impact humans can and may have on it.

In her spare time, Lendy enjoys reading, writing, researching, hiking, dancing, serving others and spending time with her church family. A missionary at heart, Lendy is honored to also contribute to the Pacific Whale Foundation mission of protecting the ocean and its inhabitants.