Other Projects

Blue Whale Project

Pacific Whale Foundation is proud to support the Alfaguara (Blue Whale) Project  in Southern Chile. This project strives to guarantee the long term protection of the most important feeding ground of blue whales in the Southern Hemisphere. In addition, the project promotes the responsible development of community based marine ecotourism and the effective conservation of the marine and coastal ecosystem of northwestern Isla de Chiloe, southern Chile.
The project has the official support of the Chilean Navy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The activities planned for 2012 were conducted thanks to the sponsorship of Marisla Foundation, Pacific Whale Foundation, Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund and Cetacean Society International.
The Alfaguara Project has contributed key scientific information on the species, becoming one of the best known populations of blue whales in the Southern Hemisphere.
Download a report describing the activities and results of the Alfaguara Project from January to June 2012.