Open Water Aquaculture

Open water aquaculture, commonly referred to as offshore aquaculture, is a method of commercially farming massive quantities of saltwater fish in large cages in open ocean waters.


If managed incorrectly, openwater aquaculture facilities poses the following threats:

•    Escapement: There have been many documented cases of fish escaping from open water aquaculture pins ( If an escapee is diseased, genetically modified and/or of a foreign fish stock it could potentially disrupt ecosystems by overtaking native fish populations, introducing disease resulting in devastating consequences.

•    Water Pollution: Concentrated populations of fishes associated with aquaculture contribute to excess food waste and feces, and leaching of chemicals and pharmaceutical associated with maintenance.

•    Over Fishing: Fish feed use in aquaculture facilities often constitutes of wild caught fish. It can take up to six pounds of wild fish feed to raise one pound of farmed fish (


Write to your state representative to demand policy and legislation for this emerging technology.

Make informed and wise choices when eating and ordering seafood. Remember- sustainable aquaculture is available!

03/10/2010 (All day)