Onwards to Eden

The Hervey Bay season has come to an end marking the near end to the 2010 research season. For the past three days the team has been on the road conquering roundabouts, city traffic, hilly terrain, and holiday traffic (with a research boat in tow). Now happily settled in to our fourth and final destination, we are cold, exhausted and ready for the final stretch!

Tomorrow will mark our first day on the water and rumors of orcas, southern rights, seals, and common dolphins have us all rearing up and ready to go, so stay tuned for what’s to come!

Annie Macie


Anonymous (visitor) says:

hey girls thanks for another wonderful year and hope to see ya soon.thanks amanda again for the photo of nala and maybe next year i will get a t-shirt like you are wearing. so now ya have my email dont be strangers ok miss you both till next year.so if ya get some photos from home of the whales.so if they have names and photos ok would be awesome.will try and send you some of my tails and maybe you can get some use of them. bye girls