Posted on: April 30, 2012

Ocean Camp Summer Session: Reduced Rates Offered Through 5/15

Parents of children entering kindergarten through 5th grade are encouraged to sign up their keiki for the summer session of Pacific Whale Foundation’s Ocean Camp before May 15, to take advantage of early enrollment rates. 

The  summer sessions of Ocean Camp will start on May 29 and continue through July 27,  and offer children the opportunity to have fun, enjoy marine-themed adventures and make a difference for the ocean. 
Pacific Whale Foundation’s Ocean Camp provides a dynamic mix of hands-on experiential learning about Maui’s ocean and land eco-systems and animals, combined with engaging field trips and fun activities.  The program is organized around weeklong sessions, each with its own theme. Field trips support the themes, and typically include surfing and windsurfing lessons, visiting Maui Ocean Center, hiking, a snorkel cruise to Molokini, beach visits and art projects.
The camp sessions will take place Mondays through Fridays. The camp day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. Early drop off and late pick up times are available, when arranged in advance, for an added fee. Enrollment is by individual days, which means that parents have the flexibility to choose specific dates from across the sessions for their campers.  
The camp is located at Pacific Whale Foundation’s air-conditioned Discovery Center in Ma’alaea. Transportation to field trips is provided in air-conditioned vans.
Pacific Whale Foundation first offered its Ocean Camp in 1996. The camp program is designed by professional educators and marine biologists, and reflects Pacific Whale Foundation’s 32 years of leading quality environmental education programs for Maui schoolchildren. 
Pacific Whale Foundation Ocean Camp is staffed with enthusiastic and energetic professionals with years of teaching and summer camp experience. In addition to holding graduate or undergraduate degrees, the counselors are CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard certified and hold Marine Naturalist certifications from Pacific Whale Foundation. With a 1:10 counselor to camper ratio, each camper benefits from the staff's personalized attention.
The itinerary for each day of the entire summer is posted at Parents are invited to review the itineraries and choose the dates that match their children’s interests. 
Pacific Whale Foundation is offering reduced rates for early registration. Register by May 15 and the camp rates are $67 per day with kama’aina rates at $56 per day, and Pacific Whale Foundation Member rates at $50 per day.

After May 15, the rates are $72 per day; kama’aina rates are $61 and Pacific Whale Foundation Member rates are $55. If you register late, within 24 hours of the camp date, the rates are $77 per day; kama’aina rates are $66 and Pacific Whale Foundation Member rates are $61.

To become a Pacific Whale Foundation Member, please visit
Photos, enrollment forms and additional information about Pacific Whale Foundation’s Ocean Camp can be found at or You may also register by phone by calling (808) 249-8811 ext. 1.
“When you ask kids about Ocean Camp, they are always quick to say that it’s lots of fun and they make a lot of friends,” says Merrill Kaufman, Education Director at Pacific Whale Foundation. “And when you talk with their parents, you hear how the camp energizes their child’s interest in science, nature, art and discovery.” 
 “The program design allows children to investigate and interface through a 100% hands on curriculum with the beautiful, unique, and very important elements of our Hawaiian habitats,” says Camp Director Karen Molina. “The kids begin to see the island from the point of view of its interconnectedness.” 
“The children meet important people in our community who help take care of our island and the ocean, and the children feel so empowered to get to be involved in the process of making a difference,” she notes. 
Visiting families are also invited to sign up their children for Ocean Camp. According to Molina, the camp program is an excellent option for those days when Mom and Dad want to golf, visit the spa or relax without the kids. 
The sessions and themes are:
Wild About Whales: May 29 – June 1
While Maui’s wondrous humpback whales have already made their way back to their Northern feeding grounds, the campers will focus on their incredible migration and just what it means to be a cosmopolitan creature of the sea.
Hawaiian Rain Forest Adventure: June 4 – June 8 
This camp session will explore how animals living in the coral reef are affected by the rain from Maui’s upland forests. The campers will look at the importance of native plants, the Hawaiian tradition of building fish ponds for sustainability, and the causes of our trade winds that make windsurfing an ideal sport on the island.
Cool and Crazy Crustaceans: June 11 – June 15
What is it like to live on the edge, if you are a crustacean? Children will investigate the adaptations of creatures living in the tidal zone. The camp group will go tidepooling, and will also sink their hands into the touch tanks at the Maui Ocean Center, and learn about the endemic crustaceans living in our island streams.
Riding the Ups and Downs of the Ocean Floor: June 18 – 22
The ocean makes up over 2/3rds of our planet’s habitat. During this week, the camp will focus on the many careers and some of the major discoveries being made in the ocean. Campers will explore the bathymetry and biology of the watery ocean world.
Hawaii’s Birds: Sea, Forest, Shore, and More: June 25 – 29
Children will learn about the many types of birds that live and migrate to Maui. Each animal plays an important role in our ecosystem. The camp program will explore what roles birds play when it comes to the ocean, the forest and the shore.
Sharks: Are They Shy?: July 2 – July 6
Children will find out about the roles that sharks play in the ocean. They are known as “the sweepers of the sea.” The campers will learn about the anatomy, habitats, specialized adaptations of these scavengers who play such an important role in the ocean ecosystem. During a visit to the Maui Ocean Center, campers will see these majestic and spectacular creatures firsthand.
Weird Creatures of the Deep Sea: Slipping into the Abyss: July 9 – July 13
 It’s said that we know more about the moon than we do about the deep sea. During this week, the camp program will present projects scientists are working on to help improve human understanding of what is going on where “no man has ever gone before,” and how scientists collect information about the deepest ocean habitats. Children will do  art projects that help them understand strange adaptations in the abyss
Diving Dolphins: Who are Hawaii’s Most Common Dolphin Residents?: July 16 – 20
Children will not only learn about these protected marine mammals but they will learn also about the newest species of dolphin discovered off of the Australian coast last year.
Turtle Tracks: July 23 – 25
One of the camp’s favorite turtle marine biologists will be visiting Ocean Camp as a special guest to guide the children through the ins and outs of turtle life. Throughout the week, campers will explore turtle habitats and learn about what it takes for a baby turtle to survive the long migration back to Maui waters.
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Pacific Whale Foundation is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to protecting our oceans through science and advocacy.