Latest News About Whale and Dolphin Captivity

ALERT: Conservationists fear that China's new "Ocean Kingdom" could create new market for captive killer whales

ALERT: NOAA Fisheries denies application to import 18 Beluga Whales for public display

NOAA Fisheries announced on August 6, 2013 that is denying the Georgia Aquarium’s request for a permit to import 18 beluga whales from Russia for public display in the United States. This is the first application for a permit to import recently caught wild marine mammals in more than 20 years. Read more.

Pacific Whale Foundation submitted testimony to NOAA opposing Georgia Aquarium's request. It read:

Pacific Whale Foundation, on behalf of its thousands of members world wide, formally register's its opposition to NOAA-NMFS-2012-0158 - Georgia Aquarium’s application to National Marine Fisheries Service for a permit to import eighteen (18) beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) for public display purposes. Pacific Whale Foundation does not believe that the public display of wild animals is necessary to engage people, and instead provides the public with a false picture of the animal’s natural lives. Captive cetaceans encourage people to consider wildlife as isolated objects, rather than integral parts of an ocean ecosystem. For these reasons, we ask that National Marine Fisheries Service to set an example and deny the Georgia Aquarium a permit to import 18 beluga whales from Russia, an importation which holds no scientific or conservation value.

ALERT: New movie, Blackfish, explores cruelty of orca whale captivity.

Follow this link to learn more about the movie and where it is being shown this summer.

ALERT: India bans captive dolphin entertainment

May 20, 2013 The Indian Ministry of Forests and Environment has released an official statement indicating that dolphin captivity will not be welcome anywhere in the nation. The anticipated announcement comes on the heels of other recent Indian governmental decisions stating opposition of dolphin captivity. The Ministry’s statement that they “have decided not to allow establishment of dolphinarium in the country” will help to discourage any such development from taking place, on the grounds that keeping dolphins captive has been proven as being cruel and morally reprehensible.

ALERT: Export of Dolphins in Solomon Islands to Resume

May 20, 2013 A prominent dolphin exporter in Solomon islands is planning to continue his live-exports next month. According to a Solomon Island newspaper Robert Satu says his company Marine Export Limited is already working on an order to send 28 dolphins to China.