The Island Of Maui: A Photographic Journey

The Island Of Maui: A Photographic Journey

Take a photographic journey through all the amazing locations Maui has to offer-from white sandy beaches, a large dormant volcano, lush tropical rainforests, wild animals above and below the water, and extreme athletes on the waves-see Maui like you never have before. 


Erik Aeder: A highly published photographer working on Maui for 25 years. He is recognized for his extreme sports water photography. Erik's unique combination of angles and artistic eye for action and beauty sets his work apart. Visit his website at:

Michael S. Nolan: Michael has been photographing whales and dolphins since 1988. Michael's award-winning photographs represent his most cherished moments with Hawaii's gentle Humpback whales and playful dolphins.

Howie From Maui: Howie has been working as a photographer on Maui for over 13 years. His eye and his ability to use his intuition to be at the right place at the right time, produce some very rare images of Hawaii's beautiful nature.

Price: $19.95