Hawai'i's Sea Creatures: A Guide To Hawai'i's Marine Invertebrates

Hawai'i's Sea Creatures: A Guide To Hawai'i's Marine Invertebrates

     Hawai'i's seas teem with life. Living creatures-swimming, creeping, floating or crawling-have invaded every possible undersea habitat. they have multiplied and diversified into every imaginable shape and form, from 20-foot giant squids to tine creatures living between sand grains. Ninety percent of these animals are invertebrates-animals without backbones. Many are beautiful, a few are bizarre, and all are fascinating.

     This book, a sequel to John Hoover's best-selling guide Hawaii's Fishes, leads the reader deeper into the undersea realm with photographs of over 500 species of lobsters, shrimps, crabs, shells, octopus, corals, anemones, urchins, stars, sponges, slugs and a host of other lesser-knows creatures. Virtually all the animals encountered by snorkelers, divers and beachgoers in Hawai'i are here. Hoover provides scientific, common and Hawaiian names for each animal, and a wealth of information on its natural history, ecology, cultural importance and even suitability for aquariums.

     Every person who visits the sea, whether diver, snorkeler, wader or beachgoer, eventually encounters an unrecognized creature-a beautiful shrimp, an exquisite shell, something covered with spines, a puzzling slug or worm. The question "What is that?" always arises. This book gives the answer with styles.

Written By: John P. Hoover

Price: $24.95