Hawaiian Reef Fish: The Identification Book

Hawaiian Reef Fish: The Identification Book

After thousands of dives on Hawaiian reefs and a decade of instructing scuba divers and leading underwater tours, Capt. Casey Mahaney has compiled a field guide to make fish identification fun, easy and very informative to all who enter the fascinating world of Planet Ocean.

Now in its third printing, with over 20,000 copies sold, HAWAIIAN REEF FiSH; THE IDENTIFICATION BOOK, has proven to be the fish guide of choice amongst snorkelers and scuba divers as well as professionals in the field. 

Over 200 stunning color photographs of fish and invertebrates in their natural habitat are featured in this unique book, which has been specifically constructed to withstand the harsh marine environment. The spiral binding and coated pages are designed to hold together as a field guide, either on the beach or boat.

The user-friendly layout takes you quickly to the vital facts which focus not only on identification, but also on the specific habitat and behavior of each species. A special section on reef coral will help you understand its important contribution to the marine ecosystem, making this field guide a must for all reef watching enthusiasts in Hawaii and other Pacific Island destinations.

Written By: Casey Mahaney

Price: $19.95