The Hawaiian Monk Seal

The Hawaiian Monk Seal

Where do monk seals live?

What do they eat?

What dangers do they face?

Renowned Hawai'i artist Patrick Ching shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for Hawaiian monk seals in this colorful, engaging book for readers of all ages. Ching began his love affair with the Hawaiian monk seals as a teenager, when he encountered the large, soulful eyes of a monk seal staring back at him from the pages of a science book. Since then he has been heavily involved in Hawai'i's monk seal conservation program and has spent extended periods of time on the remote Leeward Islands studying his favorite pinniped. After years of reading about and researching seals in the wild, Ching provides readers with a close-up look at the Hawaiian monk seal's habits and life cycle--form its beginnings as a lanky black pup to full maturity as an adult weighing more than six hundred pounds. Ching concludes with a brief discussion of the ongoing efforts of government and private organizations to ensure the survival of this endangered animal.

Written By: Patrick Ching

Price: $16.95