Exploratory Marine Science Labs

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Exploratory Marine Science Labs

                   -Preschool Labs: Sensational Cetaceans

                   -K/1: Wind, Wings, Waves

                   -2/3: Coral Reef Communities

                   -4-6: Mano Feared and Revered

                   -4-8: Spineless Wonders

                   -3-12: Tidepool Exploration

                   -7-12: Coral Reef Ecology with optional snorkel

                   -7-12: Navigation and the Sea

                   -9-12: Dolphins and Toothed Whales of Hawai’i

                   -K-12: Tidepool Exploration- Kihei

                Guest Speakers

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                No Child Left Indoors Scholarship Support

Preschool Labs: Sounds in the Sea

Children sink 100% into the smells, sights, sounds, textures, and tastes of the sandy shore where the ocean meets the land. What are the unique parts of a sand shore environment? Children investigate what they see and touch as they notice details such as size, shape, weight, and texture. Through dramatic interpretation children make connections based on sand investigations about creature filled communities found right at the ocean’s edge. 1 hour program $46

K/1: Wind, Wings, Waves

We’ll come to you to lead your students on the journey of a seed coming to Maui. How did our native plants make the journey to our tiny archipelago? Students explore the nature of volcanoes, learn about erosion and participate in this hands-on lab about soil, seeds, and success. Classes will be left with a post program plant experiment for children to continue to investigate with the science skills they learn about through this engaging sensory rich experience. 1 hours $46

2/3: Coral Reef Communities

Coral reefs are bustling with a variety of fish, corals, and animals- all with different strategies for survival. Through an interactive audio-visual and hands-on presentation we’ll explore the world of coral reef ecosystems. This investigation helps students understand the needs and roles of the organisms and how they are interdependent. 2 hours $62

4-6: Mano Feared and Revered

Students gain an understanding of habitats, survival tactics, and sensory capabilities of sharks and rays. Together we’ll explore the role of sharks in Hawaiian culture as utilitarian animals and spiritual icons. Students will visit the Maui Ocean Center to view live sharks and learn to dispel their fears about these amazing elasmobranchs- the sweepers of the sea. 3 hrs $201

4-8: Spineless Wonders

The Discovery Center introduces students to marine invertebrates. Students will utilize lab equipment including microscopes and dissection tools to observe adaptations such as tube feet, a five part body plan, the exoskeleton and more. They will practice differentiating phyla using live and preserved specimens and identify distinguishing characteristics that make the members of each group unique. 3 hours $106

3-12: Tidepool Exploration

This program combines exploring a living tidepool environment in the field, then returning to the Ocean Discovery Center to continue learning about tidepools through additional investigations of our Discovery Labs. Through observations, collecting, and recording data, students will investigate and quantify the changing conditions of an intertidal environment. Major marine phyla and their characteristics will be introduced. Students will define conservation issues that impact our near-shore marine environment.

3 hours $108 (additional charges may apply for groups larger than 30)

7-12: Coral Reef Ecology with Optional Snorkel

Students explore factors of a healthy marine ecosystem and the role they play in helping to maintain balanced ecosystems. They learn about coral coverage and how to detect predators and causes of coral bleaching that affect coral reefs in Hawaii. Students see first-hand what an important role reefs play in creating habitat for the abundant diversity of life under the sea. Classroom portion 90 min $85 Added Snorkel call for pricing details.

7-12: Navigation and the Sea

The "Plan Your Voyage" rotation puts a variety of practical skills into use, as students plan an imaginary voyage through Maui County waters to visit some amazing places. While using navigation tools and deciphering symbols and measurement scales on the nautical chart, students learn essential skills that sea captains use to plan voyages.  The second portion of the program called “Get Your Bearings” engages students in the process of taking bearings with magnetic compasses, applying the information to a nautical chart to locate precise positions. This process helps students explore angles, use of degrees, basic geography concepts, understand and eliminate margins of error, use of magnetic

compasses, and perspectives about technology and its application in maritime navigation.3 hours $145

9-12: Dolphins and Toothed Whales of Hawaii

Using multi-media field images collected by Pacific Whale Foundation researchers and other Hawaii based research, students apply tools of science. Through the use of notes, guides and field observations students learn to read and follow a dichotomous key to identify an unknown odontocete (toothed whale) according to observable characteristics. We are excited to share our 33 years of whale research with the future marine biologists of Hawaii. 3 hours $106

Guest Speakers

Want to inspire and introduce your students to the wonderful world of marine science? Schedule one of our certified Marine Naturalists to come speak with your class on Maui or over Skype if your group is abroad. As an organization we conduct research and reach out to the world through our education and conservation efforts. We actively connect cause and concern by bridging interest in marine issues with awareness and active participation in ocean conservation and environmental sustainability. We feel it is our social “Response-Ability,” as each and every one of us is a steward of our world. Just call to schedule this dynamic and authentic learning experience for your group. 45-60 minutes $33.00

Customized Programs Just for You

Not finding what you’re looking for? We are more than happy to put together a customized program for you. Whether you’re group is traveling to Maui, you’re looking to integrate ocean experiences and investigations into your summer program, you want to schedule a classroom visit with a specialized field trip, a three day program is what you are seeking; the possibilities are endless. Just give our team of Marine Education Specialists a call and we will work with you to meet your needs. Direct line: (808)856-8341 or Email: education@pacificwhale.org

No Child Left Indoors Scholarship Support

Pacific Whale Foundation's "No Child Left Indoors" Environmental Education Scholarship Fund helps to ensure that all kids are able to enjoy outdoor environmental learning field trips and programs, regardless of their families' financial situation.Environmental educators point out that the amount of time a child spends outdoors before age 11 plays a large role in determining if the child will grow up to care about the environment. Environmental education ensures that children experience nature and learn to care about it. At Pacific Whale Foundation, we view it as critically important now, more than ever, for children to become involved in programs that allow them to experience the natural world. See No Child Left Indoors on our website to download an application and submit to education@pacificwhale.org.