The Effort Continues

It has been an absolutely eventful few weeks out of Lahaina Harbor as whales continue to \"surprise\" both our captains and passengers with some extremely close encounters.

Moms and calves now seemingly dominate Maui County waters, but whales of every age and gender still seem to take just as equal an interest in our eco-tour vessels as any other. Conditions tend to remain the same from day to day out of Lahaina Harbor, so deciphering which conditions are more conducive to a \"surprise encounter\" from a whale to our vessels is still proving to be a bit of a problem. As we wrap up our Researcher-on-Board program over the next few weeks however, we'll be able to sit down and focus more of our efforts on the data we've been so hard at work collecting over the last three months!

Annie Macie


Beth Salles (visitor) says:

Hi Annie!! So nice to finally get some "Notes from the Field" from you. Have missed reading about your encounters. I am so happy to see that Maui is having such a great whale season!! Will be interesting to see how long they stay with so many there. It is especially awesome to hear that there are so many Moms with calfs. It will be interesting to see how many of those returning sub adults from last year are mothers this year. Hope your research continues to be helpful for you. Keep the notes coming.

Beth Salles

Annie says:

Aloha Beth,

So good to hear from you!! It has been a while since I've posted but long, full days on the water have tended to soak up most of my time! This year has been a phenomenal season with SO many animals to observe and document, AND we're not even done yet!

I'm so glad you got to make it out to see the whales this year and I'm even happier to have seen you on so many of our cruises! Keep taking those great shots and I'll keep you updated on how the whales are doing here!