Corals Of Hawai'i: A Field Guide To The Hard, Black, And Soft Corals Of Hawai'i

Corals Of Hawai'i: A Field Guide To The Hard, Black, And Soft Corals Of Hawai'i

     Hawai'i's corals represent a dazzling array of colors and species and are home to unique sea animals and wondrous underwater ecosystems. Many of the corals can be found nowhere else in the world. Presenting over eighty species and their relatives, Corals of Hawai'i is a comprehensive guide to virtually all currently known species of Hawaiian corals. From reef-building corals, such as hard or stony corals, to black corals and soft corals, each is illustrated in glowing color--many for the first time.

     Designed with the novice in mind, a photographic Coral Directory is provided for quick reference and identification, along with detailed descriptions for each species throughout the book. Even the non-diver will learn what characteristics differentiate species. Taxonomic notes are included to provide divers and scientists with technical details, background information, and current scientific findings, along with a glossary and detailed indexes.

     New and up-to-date information on evolving species can also be found. Nineteen species that have never been reported from Hawai'i before and thirteen species known nowhere else in the world are presented for the first time. Several scientific name changes are included to reflect advances in coral taxonomy, along with the reasoning behind such changes.

     As many snorkelers and divers know, coral reefs are as diverse and varied as the many species they house. Corals of Hawai'i is a must-have guide for anyone interested in marine science, for identifying the corals seen when diving, or for learning ore about Hawai'i's unique underwater ecosystems.

Written By: Douglas Fenner

Price: $15.95