Australia Research

Pacific Whale Foundation has studied humpback whales in Australia for nearly three decades, working primarily along the coast of east Australia,

Our current ongoing research projects in Australia are listed here. Please click on the name of the study to access additional information.

Abundance, Survival, Recruitment and Realized Growth Rates of the East Australia Humpback Whales (Breeding Stock E-1)

Estimate the abundance, survival, recruitment and growth rates of the east Australia humpback whales.

Calving Rates and Intervals of East Australian Female Humpback Whales

Determine calving intervals and rates for east Australia (Breeding Stock E-1) humpback whales.

An Assessment of Connectivity and Interchange Between Humpback Whale Aggregation Areas along East Australia

The study will undertake photo-identification surveys of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) at four locations along the east coast of Australia, with the aim of better defining the east Australian calving grounds, determining connectivity and rates of interchange between regions, and documenting habitat use within each aggregation area. Our findings will also be used to generate refined estimates of population status and reproductive parameters. This research will contribute to the conservation of humpback whales by providing managers with insight into population parameters, critical habitats and migratory pathways, thereby addressing high priorities of Federal/State management plans and the International Whaling Commission.

Match My Whale - a Humpback Whale Fluke Identification Project

Using citizen science to assist researchers with a long-term photo-identification study.

Pacific Whale Foundation's Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whale Catalog

Detailed data on humpback whale life history, behavior, spatial distribution, and human impacts.

Rate of Interchange Between East Australia (Breeding Stock E-1) and West Australia (Breeding Stock D) Humpback Whales

Determine rate of interchange between east Australia (Breeding Stock E-1) and west Australia (Breeding Stock D) humpback whales.