Adopt A Turtle - Shaka

Adopt A Turtle - Shaka

Shaka was found off the coast of Maui, in an area known as Makena, in an ocean area that some people have dubbed “Turtle Arches.”  If you were to sit on a boat at Turtle Arches, you could view wide paths of hardened black lava rock on land that resulted from the last volcanic eruptions of Haleakala, the 10,000-foot tall dormant volcano that is the main geological feature of Maui. 

Standard Adoption Package - $25

Our Standard Adoption Package is sent instantly via email. It's a great last minute gift idea. It includes:

  • Personalized Adoption Certificate with photo of your adopted turtle
  • Story of your adopted turtle
  • Map of sightings of your turtle
  • To receive your materials by standard mail, we add an additional $10 charge

Deluxe Adoption Package - $75

  • Our Standard Adoption Package, printed and sent by standard mail
  • Ultra soft, plush sea turtle—perfect for hugging!
  • Tote bag with marine animal image

Classroom Adoption Package - $135

  • Personalized adoption certificate with the class's name, the name of the turtle and a full color identification photo of their turtle
  • Sightings map
  • The history of their adopted turtle
  • Complete lesson plan, developed by our professional marine educators
  • Realistic plastic sea turtle model
  • Book: Sea Turtles, An Ecological Guide
Price: $25.00
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