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Whale Disentanglement Training in Ecuador

I’m so happy to have been able to attend to the training for large whale entanglement 
response, which was held on Salinas, Ecuador on June 27 and 28 on this year. In the workshop, representatives from each country belonging to the CPPS were able to learn from the pros, David Mattila, from the IWC Entanglement Response, and Ed Lyman, Large Whale Entanglement  Response Coordinator, both whom had so many years of experience to share with us on their work on disentanglement of whales.

Puerto Lopez August 17, 2012


Greg Kaufman

Simón Bolívar Elementary School: August 24, 2012

(Click on title to read entire post.) The day was breezy and cold as I arrived at Simón Bolívar Elementary school, located in the Los Platanales precinct, about 20 minutes from the district of Puerto Lopez.  It is a small town, but full of friendly and kind people.  In order to get to the town, I took a taxi – it’s a little far and the road is full of mud.  The first things I saw when I arrived at the school were the little boots that the children wear so that they don’t ruin their shoes that their father’s buy with all their hard work an

Greg Kaufman

Rescue of Stranded Baby Humpback Whale

Although all the years we've had animal strandings, this year has been amazing, I have barely rested in August, having to help or to work on animal biopsies.

Greg Kaufman

August 2, 2012 Puerto López "Read entire blog"


Book Donation in Puerto Lopez Schools

Today, Monday July 20, 2012 at 11:00 AM, Pacific Whale Foundation, in collaboration with Jim Lehmann of the Center for Whale Research, donated numerous books to the school La Escuela Particular Lidar, located in the Puerto Lopez district.  The two organizations collaborate in environmental education programs and the scientific studies of humpback whales, and help to raise money to buy books and a place to keep them in the school.

July 30, 2012 "Read entire blog"


July 30, 2012 Xipixapa

With full stomachs and happy hearts

July Blog Updates "Read entire blog"


Puerto Lopez – July 22, 2012

A sad update.

It was Sunday and it had been a very intense week.  A colleague of mine, Monica Fabara, called me to tell me about a beached whale.  Not a second was wasted, and we left in search of information.

Student Presentations! "Read entire blog"


July 18, 2012 "Read entire blog"


July 18, 2012 Puerto López

Today I returned to the school to teach the excited students about how to take care of these magnificent cetaceans that we have in my country off the Ecuadorian coasts.  Last year there were so many emotions and experiences, not only with the students, but also with the volunteers from Pacific Whale Foundation.  We were coloring, drawing and creating new artists where training and the protection of the animals is a right and obligation for all of us as humans – we go from the smallest to the largest.

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